Why you need a digital business dashboard

If you don’t measure, you can’t improve

Every organisation sets itself specific targets as a part of their marketing strategy. Common examples include increasing website visitors and social media following and essentially trying to bring more visitors to increase sales. Alternatively, businesses may want a platform to constantly measure online activities, to identify what is going well, where there is room for improvements and put measures in place to address areas of weaknesses.

Ultimately, though, any organisation desires to continually improve and if you don’t capture and measure the data that is flowing through your business, you can’t improve!

How to achieve this? A digital business dashboard

What is a dashboard?

The term dashboard in the context of a business measuring tool is fairly new. Think of a car dashboard, it displays all the vitals of the car in one area, visible at all times. As soon as the dashboard flags up something such as the engine light or the low fuel indicator, a driver is able to action it immediately, thus keeping the car in working order. A digital business dashboard works in the exact same manner and is the ideal tool to keep your business performing to its uncompromising high standards. Here are some of features of our digital business dashboard that will keep your organisation on its toes…

Real time reports

Obviously, you want to make decisions based on current data. Although historic data identifies important trends and patterns, real time data lets you action immediately in response to what’s happening now. An example is that of customer service, you’re able to actively monitor Twitter and Facebook mentions. In cases where there is negative customer feedback, the issue can be addressed straight away, thus demonstrating your excellent customer service skills.

Historic Data

As mentioned, historic data forms the basis of making wholesale changes by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation. Historic data will tell you the periods of high and low activity on your website, thereby giving you the opportunity investigate further and understand the reasons why. Highlighting patterns allows an organisation to shift its activities to sustain high website visits consistently. In addition, you’re able to measure the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns and promotions, specifically its impacts on website visits, call to action impressions and social media following. Historic data possesses hidden powers that, if made actionable, can really raise your business to new and higher standards.

Data export

Your sales and marketing reporting becomes seamless, thanks to a digital business dashboard. Effortlessly, extract the relevant data in any given period of time to easily create your own written reports for weekly/monthly sales meetings. Assess and evaluate performance against pre-specified targets and KPI’s and ensure you are on track to reach them. Data can be exported into a variety of different formats such as CSV and PDF.

Data import

Similarly, the digital business dashboard has the capability to import much-needed data from your old systems and databases such Salesforce, other CRM systems and data on Google. The inclusion of data from different sources, all amalgamated into one interactive business dashboard will give you a true and clear view of performance and activity.


The dashboard is intuitive, anyone in your organisation can use it to create personalised reports to identify meaningful insights. From marketing to accounts payable, there is clear visibility of data to ensure absolutely nothing is missed. Overall, what becomes apparent is a tool from where insights can be shared instantly and business opportunities identified from angles never possible before.

We are living in an age where information is rapidly available in its excess. Organisations must be able to make sense of this information, BS filter through it to find golden nuggets of insights that can transform them into better performing entities. As a result an organisation provides extra value to customers and stays ahead of competition. Book your free marketing consultation to learn more, alternatively, book a one week test drive of the dashboard.

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