4 great tips for social media marketing on Facebook

Ever since it broke onto the scene, Facebook has revolutionised how we communicate and connect with one another and how businesses plan and implement their social media marketing strategy. Since May 2013, 16 million local business pages have been created and 42% of marketers believe Facebook is critical or important to their business.

If you’re not using social media marketing on Facebook or are not finding much success on the platform, here are 4 great tips that can inject new life to your marketing strategy and your business overall.

1. Respond quickly and effectively

Customer service is just as important digitally as it is face to face and speed is everything. Getting back to customer comments swiftly is the hallmark of great customer service. It shows the customers that you care about and value their feedback and are eager to help resolv a query or answer a question as soon as possible.

To really captivate customers and go the extra step forward, be a little creative with your responses as it can increase customer engagement. Take a little initiative and respond via video or provide further and extra information in the form of links to further reading. Once again this reiterates how important your customers are to you.

2. Use remarketing

Remarketing should be a central tenet of your wider social media marketing on Facebook. Remarketing is the unique concept of recording your recent website visitors and basing you Facebook ads on that data. Most will be familiar with the scenario where they visit a website and decide against buying anything and then see an ad from that very same company when they log into Facebook moments later! This is remarketing. Remarketing is effective because it will remind a consumer of their recent purchasing dilemma and will lead them to potentially reconsider and revisit your website.

3. Don’t sell

Facebook is a social networking website not a selling networking website and thus the objective is not employ a hard selling approach but rather using innovative techniques to increase user engagement and eventually conversion.

Businesses should attempt to slowly nurture a strong and steady relationship with prospective consumers, sharing relevant information to showcase their industry knowledge and content that is helpful and useful to consumers. This can be in the form of blogs and industry news. Other types of content will help get consumers engaging with your content, examples include competitions, which include users submitting a photo, other content or an idea of some sort, opinion polls and behind the scene videos of your organisation.

4. Be philanthropic and ask your followers to help you

Any business who publicises their philanthropic activities will be a hugely popular amongst their followers. Partner up with your local charity and echo their cause through your Facebook page. Post a heart-warming plea for help in feeding or sheltering the local homeless population or to sponsor a local marathon and promise followers that you will donate a certain amount of money per “like” or “share” your post receives. This method ensures everybody is a winner, you raise some money for a good cause whilst increasing your own exposure.

If you are thinking of implementing or revitalising your social media marketing on Facebook, book your free marketing consultation with us and we’ll give you the building blocks required to be a success on Facebook. If you’re a lean organisation and don’t quite have the manpower to do your social media marketing justice, we’ll take care of everything from managing what to post, when to post and where to post, thus increasing your website visitors, user engagement, brand image and ultimately your sales.

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