Minimalist & elegant branding for one of London's hottest fusion restaurant.

Syon Lounge is London’s premier Sushi and Shisha fusion restaurant, situated in Syon Park. Following the success of Beirut Nights, and our marketing success for them, the owners opened their new venture, Syon Lounge. Naturally, they approached us for their branding and website design needs.


Having worked closely with the client before, we were able to successfully deliver the expectations for the branding project. Our goal was to create something minimal, premium and timeless. We used the form of the letter ‘S‘ to represent the name, the smoke from Shisha but also the fusion of Sushi and Shisha as two ‘S’s. To supplement the website and launch the social media presence, we also provided Syon Lounge with photography to perfectly capture their premium food and atmosphere.


Since launch, Syon Lounge has gone on to be a major success and is rated as one of London’s favourite restaurants.

Creative Digital did a fantastic job and nailed the vision in the first concepts. Our customers love the logo and we look forward to working with Haseeb and his team again!

Syon Lounge

Chorleywood Eye Centre