Brand identity for a community project for Muslim parents.

My Muslim Family is a project which aims to help millennial Muslim parents navigate the modern challenges of raising a strong & loving Muslim family.


Our logo process revolved around the idea of using a pentagon shape, which represents home. We wanted to use the heritage of Islamic geometry to give it a Muslim identity, but also to represent the idea of community, support and togetherness.


We designed several iterations of the icon, with different rotations, colour and font combinations and shared this process on social media for people to share their thoughts and feedback. We arrived at this and were happy with the results…

We chose colours that reflected the values of our brand; compassion (pink/purple), tranquillity (teal) and warmth (orange). The typography for the brand aims to provide a friendly sense of assurance and comfort. For our brand pattern, we used our logo’s icon and repeated it. For versatility, the pattern can be used in many ways as displayed.

My Muslim Family

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