Instagram Stories more popular than Snapchat with 250 million daily users

With Instagram Stories now more popular than Snapchat with 250 million daily users, it’s time for your business to consider Instagram marketing.

In an interview with CNBC, Facebook’s global head of sales Carolyn Everson said that Instagram Stories now has 250 million daily active users. She also added that a third of their most viewed stories come from companies and one million from advertisers.

What’s even more interesting is that Instagram Stories has more users than one of its biggest competitors. Last month, Snapchat announced that it has 166 million users on a daily basis.

As you may know, Snapchat was the one that started the popular format which allows users to post stories with images and videos online that then disappear after 24 hours. Snapchat launched the feature in 2013, while Instagram decided to copy it last year in August. Despite being available for a lot less time, Instagram Stories is now quite a bit more popular when compared to its rival.

Everson mentioned that Instagram currently has a total of 700 million users around the globe. She also dismissed the copycat allegations, saying that Facebook invented the Feed format that Instagram, as well as other services, are currently using.

Even though she doesn’t want to admit it, it’s clear that Instagram copied Snapchat. But in reality, it doesn’t even matter, as users don’t seem to mind that much. Well, at least based on the number of users Instagram’s stories have attracted so far. It’s now up to Snapchat to make some changes and offer something new if it wants to keep up with the competition.

Businesses can now advertise on Instagram stories through Facebook’s powerful advertising platform. To take advantage of this new development, get in touch with us to see how we can help you connect with your target audience. Creative Digital offer a complete solution for social media marketing, including Instagram marketing.

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