Improve your website with these 3 simple steps

With so many of your competitors selling the exact same products as your business, how do you get ahead of competition and stand out to your customers?

Having a website with good quality content and products is not always enough in the current competitive climate.

With so many of your competitors selling the exact same products as your business, how do you get ahead of competition and stand out to your customers?

Possessing a unique selling point (USP), in layman terms, having something to offer that your competition doesn’t is the best way to give your business a competitive advantage.

A USP does not always have to be within your product or service. Sometimes, a USP can be found in other aspects of your business such as having a better quality website.

A website is a digital shop. If the entrance of the shop is not up to expected standards, customers will look elsewhere regardless of whats in the shop.

Here are 3 simple ways to improve your website:

Make your website secure and trustworthy.

Consumers are increasingly become wary with whom they are giving their personal details and the businesses they perform an online transaction with.

One way to make your website secure is by switching over to HTTPS. To make the change, ask your hosting company about a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. By having an SSL certificate, you are telling your customers that you’re not fraudulent website and any data they share with you will be secure and encrypted. Remember to let your customers know that you have the certificate, it will increase their likelihood of making a purchase.

Make your website modern and responsive.

There are an increasing amount of online consumers who browse and purchase using mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

In many instances a website will render well on a laptop or desktop computer but become entirely incompatible when viewed on a mobile device. Naturally, this is a turn-off for consumers and they are likely to look elsewhere.

Updating your website to be mobile friendly is important given that over half of all traffic is now coming from mobile devices.

This is not a difficult task. Companies such as WordPress offer website templates that can be purchased, already mobile friendly. To customise the templates does require some relevant website knowledge. Book your free digital marketing consultation to find out more.

A website that loads quickly and can be navigated through easily is a sure winner.

Post regular content on your website.

Posting regular content on your website can lead to increased sales conversions. Use blogs or video content to tell your customers more about your products. You have a lot of expertise to share about your products. Publishing this knowledge in a user-friendly format will help position your website as the ‘go to’ place for customers seeking more information before making a purchase decision.

This is a great way to build trust and form relationships with customers, thus increasing customer retention.

Moreover, a website that is kept fresh and updated is a search engines best friend. It will do wonders for your search engine optimisation (SEO) by increasing your ranking. This will attract more visitors to your website.

To learn more about creating user friendly and search engine optimised website get in touch with us!

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