How to write a good blog

With the advent of the internet and web 2.0 technologies it has become possible for anyone to set up a blog and begin writing. If you’re a newbie to the internet, a few training of the basics is enough to get you up and running. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced or new blogger, our tips will help you get started or provide add to your knowledge further.

Don’t try and please everyone

There are 7 billion people residing on planet Earth and you will not please each and every one regardless of what you write about. Do not dive into writing with the intention of pleasing everyone, you will fail miserably, not even the best of writers can achieve this with such diversity of opinion. In fact if you challenge people’s opinions and present a different view point rationally, you’re more likely to gain followers and respect. Perform thorough research in the area you are writing about, formulate your own opinion and stamp you mark in the blog. Those who can relate will agree and the differing party will have learnt, at the very least, a different angle to a subject.

Be passionate

Pick a subject that you are passionate about be it current affairs, a particular sport, a hobby you enjoy or an event in your life. Choosing a topic you can relate to will bring out the inner passion of said topic that will translate into your writing, which will be appreciated by readers who will notice the passion shining in your writing- even if they cannot relate to it. Pour your heart out and articulate your emotions and sentiments. Everybody loves an original piece of work.

Be aware of the length

It is quite easy to off go on a tangent whilst writing because you want to get across all points that you feel are important to discuss. Try to be as concise as possible, for example, do not use two sentences to talk about a something when one will do. Alternatively, if the subject area is large, consider turning the blog into a series of blogs dealing with the topic step by step, releasing one blog per week/month. An advantage of adopting such a style is that if you’re successful in enticing and engaging your readers, they’ll keep returning for the next blog and is a effective method of establishing a fan base.

When the bulb lights, write it down!

An occurrence amongst bloggers, writers and authors is that an idea can strike at the most random times and when this happens make a note of it immediately! Jot it down on a note book, text yourself, just make sure its written somewhere. Do not decide to write it down later as the idea may be forgotten.

Differentiate between your opinion and facts

It is important to make it known to readers whether a point stated is your opinion or a fact. Especially in the case of a sensitive or controversial subject, you may cause outcry if your opinion is taken as a fact or vice versa.

Interact with your readers

Ask rhetorical questions and write as if you’re addressing the reader and the reader alone, it will develop that personal touch.

Mix it up!

Mix things up in all aspects including length of posts, language and topics; some humorous, others more serious or heart warming. Try different styles of writing, for example, descriptive or analytical blogs. Alternatively, experiment with different tenses and personal pronouns. There is a twofold benefit of this, firstly your content will remain dynamic and secondly it will contribute in your development as a writer!

Do a lot of reading

Spend time reading other bloggers’ content as that will give you an insight into others’ writing styles and an opportunity to become part of a bloggers circle. Additionally, read work from different mediums such as newspapers, magazines, journals and so forth as they also aid your development by presenting different writing styles.

Don’t get ahead of yourself

In excitement of publishing your first or next blog do not forget to proof read and make changes where appropriate. Request a friend or family member to do the same as they may notice something you don’t. Most of your brilliant ideas and writing inspiration may come at night, still be sure to re-read in the freshness of the morning.

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