Digital Marketing: Top 5 tips

The world of digital marketing is exciting, fun and adventurous. The digital landscape has increased the transparency of smaller organisations and the number of organisations overall, especially online-only start-ups, which has ramped up competitiveness to an intensity never seen before. Organisations of all types and sizes need to be alert, vigilant and must always look over their shoulder. If you’re new on the digital marketing scene and need some assistance or are established but want a fresh injection of ideas, our top 5 tricks may well be a source of inspiration…

Streamline Search Engine Optimisation

According to Google, 80% of consumers rely on the Web to find a business. On that basis alone, it is compulsory for all organisations to make themselves searchable through the major search engines. Don’t be frightened, there are a few things anybody with little or no knowledge of SEO can do to increase their sites rankings. The URL, headline and subheadings of every page on your website must be directly relevant to what the page is about. For example, if your page is about cheap Father’s Day gifts, make your title and link contain words and phrases that will help a user instantly recognise that the page is about Father’s Day gift. Using this method, the users whom it is relevant to will click the link. If you have specific keywords in mind, use the Google Keyword Tool to see how often your keyword is searched for by consumers as that will determine whether it is viable to use as part of your SEO.

Get a mobile site

If your website uses a WordPress theme chances are it is automatically mobile and tablet friendly. However, if your website is not (and you can easily check by testing it on your phone), then it is time to get one! As of last year the number of global mobile users exceeded desktop users and no doubt mobile is going to run away with it in terms of usage, going forward into the future. What’s more is that almost 80% of local mobile searches end in a purchase. It really is a no brainer.

Get a blog

There are many benefits of having a blog. Firstly, it can boost your SEO because search engines have a good liking towards new and fresh content that they will index every time a new blog is posted thus making yourselves more visible on searches. However, don’t blog for the sake of it. Your blog is your opportunity to establish your business knowledgeable in your industry. If you are able to add expert content to your blog you will attract visitors and increase your conversion rates. Simply put, try and become the “go to” for the sector you operate in. Furthermore, if you don’t know where to begin with a blog, we got that covered too in our blogging tips.

Become active on Social Media

Use social media intelligently, there is a science in when to post and what to post. Social media is the ideal to tool to make something go viral, however it significantly influences SEO rankings and we explain this using a scenario. Let’s say you are an Italian restaurant and you use Twitter to post a video about a new dish with a link back to your website. You have 500 followers therefore the potential reach of this tweet is 500. However, this Tweet gets retweeted by 5 of your followers, who have a combination of 10,000 followers themselves, thus your reach has increased to 10,500. The increase in visibility of your video post leads to the Tweet being seen by an Italian food blogger who chooses to write a blog about your new dish including a link back to your website. The blogger then tweets the blog, that blog gets retweeted by his/her followers…you now start to see the power of one tweet. The retweets increase your brands visibility whilst the link back on the Italian bloggers website increasing your site ranking.

Use call to actions

A call to action (CTA) is the link between turning a passive visitor to an active engager with your site. A CTA is an invitation for the audience to perform a specific action, which does not necessarily have to be a purchase. A CTA could be the completion of an enquiry form, newsletter sign up, ordering of free sample etc. If you want your audience to perform a specific action then ensure these CTA’s are clearly recognisable and visible. If a visitor engages in your CTA they become a potential lead and can be nurtured into a repeat customer.

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