7 Facebook Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Audience

Here are seven useful strategic techniques that can help to ensure your Facebook marketing is up-to-date, relevant, and genuinely useful!

The power of Facebook marketing cannot be underestimated. Facebook is one of the few social media sites that continues to grow from strength to strength, therefore targeting your marketing efforts at this captive audience is an essential part of any online strategy.

Below, we’ll delve into seven useful strategic techniques that can help to ensure your Facebook marketing is up-to-date, relevant, and genuinely useful— thus helping to produce the results, and the profits, that you desire.

1. Embrace live video streaming

Live video has the power to offer something unique to your Facebook followers, and many people will check out a live stream just to see what’s happening. Anytime you have an announcement to make, or you just want to show off what goes on behind-the-scenes at your company, conduct a live broadcast to help capture attention.

2. Focus on your local customers

One of the major benefits of Facebook is that it allows you to target your customers. If you’re running a local business, then capitalising on your unique local appeal is incredibly beneficial. You can talk about local news, mention local landmarks, promote local events, and essentially seek to ground yourself and your business in the community. This will help you stand out from the myriad faceless, locationless corporations that exist on Facebook.

3. Create Facebook-exclusive content

If you just promote your website posts on Facebook, then Facebook doesn’thave much of an incentive to ensure that post is shown to your followers. After all, following that post would take a user outside of Facebook, which Facebook definitely don’t want. To combat this, it’s important to create Facebook-exclusive content that exists in and of itself (rather than directing to your site) every once in awhile, which is more likely to be seen.

4. Being relevant is crucial

Choose important news stories and seek to educate your followers, ensuring that you are genuinely helpful to your followers. If your feed is just an endless series of direct promotions, you’re going to lose followers and lose interest, so blend your message with current, topical talking points, which will have more of an impact.

5. Offer special deals for engagement

Giveaways, free vouchers, and discount codes are all great choices to help increase engagement. You can ask customers to tell a story in the comments, to place a review, or just to upload a photo of them holding one of your products. In exchange, they’ll receive an entry into a prize draw or, if you’re feeling generous, an immediate discount code.

6. Target your promoted posts

Learning when to boost your content to your audience is a key part of your Facebook marketing strategy, but learning who to boost to is also important. Given that boosting is expensive, you have to be certain that what you’re boosting is relevant to a large number of people, or you could be paying for a boost that is going to be seen by people it is irrelevant too. Research is absolutely essential, so plan your boosts strategically.

7. Join Facebook groups

Join as many groups as possible, providing they are relevant to your brand, and then engage with the groups in a friendly, non-promotional way. This helps get your brand more exposure, and could potentially help to generate B2B leads.

In conclusion

The techniques above should help improve your Facebook marketing strategy no end. If you’re in need of some extra assistance, our Facebook marketing services could be the solution you have been looking for!

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