6 awesome ways to use video marketing for your brand

Video marketing is fast becoming an important tool for businesses to amplify their presence online. Here are 6 ways you can use video for your brand…

Video marketing is fast becoming an important tool for businesses to amplify their presence online.

There are many advantages of video marketing. The combination of the audio and visual element makes it an excellent medium to inform and educate users about your products and services. Videos are the ideal format to tell your story and share a lot of information in a short space of time, whilst using concepts to connect a viewers emotion and build solid relationships.

Last month we helped our client Habaneros launch their 2nd restaurant location in South London with a video promo which captured their brand’s energy and create a buzz around the new location. Forgive us for blowing our own trumpet – but the launch of their new branch was a HUGE success! Click here to watch it.

Here are six types of videos that you could use to help increase your brand presence:

1. Videos about your product

A produce overview is a simple video that explains what your product is and how better it is than similar products in the market. A well-made video will explain the unique features in a way customers can remember and recall.

2. Videos explaining your story

Storyteller videos are like the ‘about us’ pages on websites, except they are much more powerful. Your story is the heartbeat of your business. In your story is contained the passion of why you started your business, your ethos, the ‘human’ side of the business and your business personality.

3. Videos about local partnerships

National or Multinational businesses often have a partnership with other organisations. Small businesses alike may partner up with local organisations or initiatives. What better way to talk about this than through a video? A good example is Kenco’s coffee vs beans partnership.

Kenco works with local deprived youth and trains them to be independent coffee farmers. This initiative enables youths to start their own businesses, whilst doing wonders for Kenco’s brand image.

4. Case study videos

Case studies are the ideal way to share your best work with customers. It will help in building trust and reliance in your brand and highlight your capabilities. A quick 1-2 minute video telling your customers about a recent work you have done will get the information across quicker and have a much bigger impact than pages and pages of text.

5. Guest content video

We’re not saying you have to bring a celebrity on board, however inviting a well recognised and prominent personality in your business field to talk for a few minutes on video about a topic customers would find interesting is a good way to find and retain customers. The powerful effect of video in combination with a key influencer will leave a lasting impression on viewers.

6. Lifestyle videos

Lifestyle videos are a fairly new trend. They’re like a ‘behind the scenes’ video that is aimed at giving viewers an insight on what it’s like working for your company. Good lifestyle videos will have a similar effect to storytelling videos – they will show the human side of your company such as what its like to work for the company. This is another way to create a positive brand identity.

If you haven’t considered video marketing before, now is the time to start thinking about it. Creative Digital offer great options for video marketing at an affordable rate. To learn more about how we can help you reach your target audience with an exciting video, get in touch.

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